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Summer Focus: Essential Nutrients to Lawn Health

There are three top nutrients grass needs to grow: potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus. Though all plants need these three key nutrients to thrive, grass requires higher concentrations for proper growth. Of all three, nitrogen is the most important as that is what gives grass its vivid color and tremendous growth. Let’s take a close look at these key nutrients, so you can better understand the role they play in the health of your lawn.

Nitrogen – this nutrient is the most important for grass. This is what gives grass its vibrant color and helps the blades to grow straight and strong. If there is not enough nitrogen, the grass will have stunted growth and will not have that deep green color most homeowners crave.

Potassium – this nutrient plays a big role in plant formation. It serves as an activator for other minerals and nutrients in the grass. Did you know that grass has more than 80 enzymes and without potassium, they won’t be activated, and the grass won’t grow? It is also essential in water use efficiency and helps the grass to withstand pests and extreme temperatures.

Phosphorous – this nutrient is critical for grass health. It helps the roots of the grass to grow and supports the plant in times of environmental stress. If there is not enough phosphorous in the soil, it can limit growth and even make your lawn weak. It is important to fertilize properly because an excess of phosphorous can leak into the water supply through a buildup in the soil. Increasing microbial activity is a healthy and effective way to ensure your grass has plenty of phosphorous without causing harm to the surrounding environment.

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