Navigating the "new normal" of COVID-19.

Everywhere you turn, the conversation seems to be the same: COVID19 and how it is impacting our every day life. The landscape industry is no different. In some places, landscape companies have been deemed essential, so business owners have been responsible for their employees' safety. This means keeping up with the most recent mandates, advice from the CDC, and the guidelines of the local community. At SEL, we have been keeping a close eye on the appropriate authorities to make sure we are doing everything we can to minimize risk to our staff as well as our customers. Here are a couple things we have done to make sure everyone stays healthy during this time:

  1. Sanitizing Equipment- making sure all equipment is properly cleaned after every use has been our first line of defense. We have trained our employees to properly sanitize each piece of machinery or equipment they use.

  2. Maintaining Safe Distance- one of the benefits of working outside is SPACE. Since our crews are not confined to small, indoor spaces, we are able to keep a safe distance between each crew member.

  3. Sick Policies- we have made changes to our sick policies to make sure employees who may have contracted or been exposed to the virus are able to stay home.

  4. Updated key holding policies- instead of asking employees to return their keys to a community lock box, foremen have been asked to keep their keys on their person overnight to reduce exposure.

  5. Proper PPE- we have educated our crews on the proper use of PPE. We ask our employees to wear the appropriate amount of PPE depending on their tasks for the day. We have made masks and gloves readily available, as well as cleaning supplies for each crew.

These are just a few steps that we have taken to make sure our crews are able to go through the work day feeling safe and supported. We also want to make sure our customers know that we are taking the situation seriously and will do everything in our power to maintain the level of service they are used to seeing from SEL. What is your landscape company doing to adapt to this post-COVID world?

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