Mite Management: Some helpful tips from UGA

We love using UGA as a resource when we are learning about a new topic or just trying to deepen our knowledge about a particular aspect of the landscape industry. Recently, this article, titled "Mite Management in Turfgrass" caught our eye.

The article is very informative; it even goes into detail about different breeds of mites that are common in the types of grass we often see in this region of the country. It may not seem exciting to some, but for those of us who pride ourselves in making sure our customers grass is looking perfect year-round, we love soaking up this kind of knowledge. Knowing what to look out for is important to us so we can always be working proactively instead of reactively.

If you would like to know more about how to prevent mite issues in your turf, we highly suggest giving this article a look over. It may even be helpful to print and keep as a resource in your office! We will definitely be referring to this to make sure we stay ahead of the curve.

If you are looking for a landscape maintenance company that is always striving to be the best in the business, give us a shout. We would love to talk to you!

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