We offer an all-encompassing, proactive approach to Landscape Management.

We handle everything you didn't even know you needed to think about. 

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“The relationships we build with our customers are just as important as the quality of work we provide”  

-Aaron Gaffney, Director of Maintenance Operations

What We Provide



Let us worry about the every day issues that come with landscape management. We want to fix any problems before you even notice them. With a solution-focused attitude, we will make sure your properties are always looking their best. We strive to be the best at our job so you can be the best at yours, too. 

Disaster Response

Living in the south means being ready for any kind of weather. While we know it may be rare, we are ready to respond to any kind of natural disaster (snow, ice, wind, rain, etc) as soon as it hits. Let us deal with the unexpected so your business can go on as usual. 




We are available for questions any time, any day of the week. We know problems don't just happen during normal business hours and we will always do our best to respond to unexpected issues as quickly as we can. 

Proactive seasonal


We think ahead to make sure your landscape is ready for every upcoming season. No worrying about changing weather- we have you covered long before any problems arise. 


I want to give a shout-out to Aaron Gaffney and his team at Southeast Landscaping. They do a great job for us at our buildings near Cumberland and have for years….. but they came to our rescue a few weeks ago when I called with an emergency request.  The building owner was flying in from California in 24 hours and I needed an immediate spruce up.   Arron came through for me.  And I’m sure he’ll come through for you as well.  Southeast Landscaping is simply the best! 


Robert Day | Covenant Company

"For over 20 years, SEL has consistently delivered an exceptional product, on time and on budget.  They are a dependable project partner!"

-Pinnacle Services Group, Inc.


What Our Customers Are Saying

Dan Wham
Airgas Safety

 Distribution Center Manager 

I have been working with SEL since 2011.  Our relationship started with remodeling of our facility then on to maintenance.  We have been through several changes in our landscape and all the work has been better than quoted.   Along with top notch work, SEL’s is responsive to issues and communicates well with what is going on with the landscape.  Something very value to me is being proactive and SEL has more than met expectations.  I hired them to take care of the landscape and this is exactly what is happening.  Our property looks fantastic.  Thanks Aaron for all the hard work and dedication you and your crews do for us.  SEL is definitely in the top of its class.  

Jeff White
Horizon Construction


I’ve worked with SEL for many years and found them to be an outstanding landscape (installation and maintenance) firm. They currently maintain both of our offices in Alpharetta, GA.  The SEL leadership team is customer focused.   I’ve worked with Todd on the new installation, Brett on design/budgeting and Adam and Aaron on the maintenance side.  They all go the extra mile to meet our needs. 

Marc Orio

JBL Asset Management

Director of Operations 

 SEL have been instrumental in handling all of our landscaping improvements and development providing what is expected to their clients in order to give them the best visual opportunities for our shopping centers. SEL has the knowledge and staffing to not only install new landscaping projects, but also to maintain and improve existing landscaping at all of our properties. SEL Landscaping has become our turnkey service for all of our ATL properties.  

SEL’s ability to provide all of our landscaping services and conduct all of the work in-house has become crucial to our business, and they have met all of our timelines and deadlines.

Marney J. Logan

Ashley Capital

We are fortunate to have had SEL do the original install on our property. From inception of obtaining them as our maintenance company, they have been an absolute pleasure. The Director of Maintenance Operations, Aaron Gaffney, has been punctual as well as very polite. He and I have seen eye to eye on many projects and the pricing is reasonable.

Judy Pritchett 

GGP, Bayer Properties, Vintage Real Estate, JLL
General Manager 

SEL provides an ease of service when it comes to exterior landscaping. He maintains superior communication throughout the entire process and executes the desired plan which enhances the overall customer experience. SEL can be trusted to match the client’s expectations with maximum value. 

Luis J. Diaz


Senior Facilities Manager

We found Aaron and SEL Landscaping to be extremely versatile, which we understand to be a valuable trait in a landscaping professional. SEL would not only maintain the lawns and hedges on our property, but also completed routine maintenance. SEL is reliable and their work has always been professional.


Our Year Round Care Plan


  • Prune ornamental grasses

  • Clean Crape Myrtles

  • Prune roses

  • Limb up trees

  • Monitor weather for potential winter weather emergencies

  • Check retention/detention ponds

  • Maintain dormant Bermuda grass

  • Apply fertilizer to ornamental beds

  • Apply pre-emergent where needed


  • Monitor weather to identify timing for spring start ups for irrigation systems

  • Send spring color proposals

  • Scalp warm season turf

  • Begin to aggressively police beds for weeds

  • Edging hardlines and softlines

  • Apply post-emergent

  • Spring seasonal color transitions

  • Fertilize cool season turf


  • Monitor and adjust irrigation systems to meet demand

  • Inspect plant material for insect damage

  • Seasonal color maintenance

  • Turf management

  • Apply fertilizer and other necessary supplements

  • Apply lime if necessary to cool seasonal turf

  • Complete soil tests


  • Monitor and adjust irrigation systems to meet demand

  • Inspect plant material for insect damage

  • Seasonal color maintenance

  • Turf management

  • Apply fertilizer and other necessary supplements

  • Apply lime if necessary to cool seasonal turf

  • Complete soil tests